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TIKI EUROPE - A guide to all the top Tiki bars in Europe

CRITIKI - A guide to all the top Tiki bars in the world

KANALOA - Mahiki's sister club, Tiki bar in London

TRADER VICS- One of the Originals

MAHIKI - Award winning Tiki Bar

SUGAR CANE - Claphams Tiki Bar

KONA KAI - Chelsea's Tiki Bar

KOMOKO - Cool bars in Helsinki and Lahti, Finland

TIKI RACER - Cool Tiki Art & Stuff

POCKET TIKI- British Tiki 'zine

TIKI MAGAZINE- Tiki stuff from around the world

FORBIDDEN PARADISE - Tiki Art from Germany

SOUL SHAKERS - Bar Consultants

BLACK PEARL - Cool Jewellery Shop designed by CheekyTiki

EXOTIC TRAMP - Cool Jewellery tropically inspired


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