Cheeky Tiki founder Jamie Wilson

In the Beginning

Cheeky Tiki is a tropical lifestyle brand that was established 2001 in a tropical storm in Raratonga, the Cook Islands by founder Jamie Wilson.

The Journey

Whilst island hoping in the South Pacific Jamie stumbled across some locals carving wooden idols and was first introduced to the idea of Tiki. When one of the local village women playfully referred to Tangaroa as the ‘cheeky tiki’ because of his state of undress, an idea was formed.

Jamie Wilson a surf board and a Kangaroo

Cheeky Tiki

The following morning whilst sat outside his hut waiting for a tropical storm to pass, Jamie penned his first sketch of Cheeky Tiki, and so it began…

Jamie Wilson

Returning to his native England, Jamie set up an art studio above a Tiki bar in London where his love of Polynesian culture and interest in mid twentieth century Tiki culture grew.

Anjy Cameron

It was also in this setting that he met Anjy, a pop culture adherent from Australia who had also been doing a bit of Globetrotting herself and gravitating towards the same Tiki culture

The Tiki Duo

Soon the duo were creating their own version of Polynesian pop, one part traditional Polynesian craft and one part pure pop iconography.

Exterior signage shots of Mahiki, Lola Lo and Kanaloa


They have acquired an impressive list of clients for their bar design and interiors along the way including No. 10 Downing Street, the Musee International Des Artes Modests in France, Appletons Rum of Jamaica, Trader Vics London and Mahiki.

Co-founders of Cheeky Tiki Jamie Wilson and Anjy Cameron

The Future

But this is not where the story ends, a new journey has begun. Cheeky Tiki has evolved and now offers you the chance to Escape, Create and Live Aloha