Ku Volcano Bowl Wholesale Pack x 6


Ceramic cocktail sharer wholesale pack.

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The tiki ‘volcano bowl’ which became a staple of South Seas-themed bars in the 1950s, and were often modelled on traditional Hawaiian ceremonial drinking vessels, which were commonly decorated with carved deities. And made in-house by our skilled ceramics team, this triangular sharing bowl features the characteristic volcano at its centre in which high proof alcohol can be poured and lit, for that flaming Krakatoa east of Java, effect! And it’s supported on all three sides by a fearsome likeness of the Polynesian god of war, Ku, and is finished in a yellowy-brown glaze. Perfect for a cocktail shared between three of four friends.

Dishwasher safe. Colour / glaze finish may vary slightly from that depicted.

Size: 30cm wide x 23cm tall, approx. Capacity: 65 fl oz (2 litres) approx.


Due to high demand this product is now unavailable till 2018. Please contact for alternative options available?

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Dimensions 30 × 30 × 23 cm
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